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Holiday Cheer for the Homeless

23 Dec


At this time of the year, there are wonderful stories about helping the homeless. My daughter-in-law shared a link from Upworthy about The Empowerment Plan. Motowner Veronika Scott (above) founded The Empowerment Plan. Veronika, who struggled with addictive parents, created a coat that turns into a sleeping bag. After sharing it with the homeless on the streets of Detroit, she realized they wanted jobs just as much as coats. She is employing them in the city. Her story is not new and can be found on many national sites, but needs to be shared. Here is a link to her inspiring narrative.

Spread the holiday cheer anyway you can!

Miami’s Marvelous Art Basel

8 Dec

I just returned from a weekend of fascinating art, people watching and fine food. I experienced Art Basel Miami. If you are an art collector or an art lover, this is the place to be. More than 250 international exhibits were on display featuring works from 2,000 plus artists. The modern and contemporary art was refreshing and funky. It’s the site for established artists as well as emerging artists.

Here are some examples:



Clockwise: The top left is a mesh installation of a beautiful woman. Next is Motown gallery owner David Klein flanked by two Kelly Reemtsen oil paintings. The pepperoni pizza is by Peter Anton, and finally the ostrich is by Enrique Gomez de Molina.

I leave you with one last thought and theme of the weekend– Life is Beautiful.

life is beautiful

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