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Summer in the City

27 Jul


Summer in the City (SITC) is currently at Davison Elementary School in Detroit, thanks to my friend Judy Robinson. Judy is a retired Detroit Public School teacher, a Motown Savvy follower and someone who believes in giving back to the community. Judy worked with Summer in the City Co- Founder Ben Falik to bring the project to the school where she worked for 39 years.

SITC is a nonprofit that mobilizes volunteers to make a difference in Detroit. The volunteers are painting amazing murals to spruce up the 95-year-old school. This project lasts seven weeks and will welcome the students in the fall.

“These individuals (SITC) are providing such a wonderful service to Detroit kids and setting a great example of volunteerism and cooperation,” says Judy.


Angels & Cakes

24 Jul


Meet the amazing Imerman Family.  Brothers Jon and Jeff are creative and inspiring. Jon (left) is the founder of Imerman Angels. A cancer support nonprofit that partners cancer patients with survivors. Jeff is a founder of  the Imerman Cake Company with his mom, Jane Imerman. When Jon was diagnosed with cancer, Jane began cooking all organically.

“We learned how our food choices and what we put in our bodies impact our health and well-being,” says Jane.   “In my home kitchen, we started developing recipes using only the purest natural and organic ingredients.”

Tea-Time Towels

17 Jul


Last week at a local art fair, I spied by the towel lady. Kathy Mizzi and her sister (above) were selling the cutest appliquéd tea towels. From animals to flags to holiday motifs, the designs are fun and whimsical. I purchased the ones on top.

If you’re looking for a cute hostess gift or a fancy kitchen towel, contact the or e-mail Kathy directly at

Flavored H20

12 Jul


Flavored water is so refreshing and easy to prepare. Just cut up fresh fruit and put it in the water. How lovely  and thirst quenching does this photo look? The photo is by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo and Styled by Kalen Kaminski.

For an even easier drink, pick up Sparkling Ice at the market. My favorites are orange mango and coconut pineapple.


Do you have any favorite flavored waters?

Swingin’ in Houston

8 Jul


I visited Houston 4th of July weekend to check out wedding venues for my son and his Texan fiancee.

We stopped by the Swinging Door restaurant for some authentic Texan BBQ food. This rustic place is the perfect spot for the rehearsal dinner. The food is fantastic! They serve beef brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey and sausage.  The sides are beans, potato salad, cole slaw, dirty rice and green beans. For dessert, pecan pie, brownies and assorted fruit cobblers are yummy (shown). It’s the perfect family spot too. There’s a house rule: “If you start a jalapeno, you must finish it!”

Since y’all might not be in Houston soon, I recommend Slow’s BBQ in Motown!

Twenty Pies

4 Jul


Rebelogged from Trend Bytes  who reblogged it from Downtown Romantic.   YUM!

Spiritual Musings

2 Jul


Check out the blog

It’s an online magazine, a blog, a bookstore, and more.

This expanded blog is innovative, fresh and cross-cultural. All faiths are explored.

I stumbled upon it after, my Linkedin connection Bobbie Lewis wrote about it. Bobbie has a new interactive section on this blog called Feed the Spirit.

Veteran journalist David Crumm is a co-founder. He’s the former religion columnist at the Detroit Free Press. I used to read his columns religiously! Another personal connection is Lynne Meredith Golodner, a former colleague from our days at Renaissance Media and the Detroit Jewish News. She is the author (shown) of Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, published by Read the Spirit Books. Golodner weaves interesting stories in between recipes for challah, hot-cross buns and Native American cornbread. Faith and food intersect in delightful way.

Flavors of the Faith is first in a series “to inspire and nourish readers with real-life stories and cross-cultural traditions.”

I look forward to more soulful recipes and food stories.

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” – Omar Khayyam

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