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Raffle Winner. . OMG, it’s ME!

30 Jan


cuff 2

Yes, I won a raffle. When I went to Hoda Kotb’s book signing recently, I entered the raffle to win a piece of jewelry from Jennifer Miller in Palm Beach. Miller’s designs are a favorite with Hoda. The designers are stunning, and the price points range from $5 to $5,000 and more. I won this fabulous cuff. In the photo (below) Nicole, a Jennifer Miller salesperson, and my friend, Lori, who I met at the signing, (center) are with me pointing to my newest piece of jewelry. Hoda wears this exact piece on her book cover.


Thanks Jennifer Miller!  I’m feeling lucky!


Hanging with Hoda

10 Jan

hoda 3

Hoda Kotb is fun, gregarious and talented. After all, she is an anchor on the Today show. I had the opportunity to meet her in at a  book signing in Palm Beach at Jennifer Miller Jewelry. Her latest book,  “Where We Belong: Journeys That Show Us The Way,” features inspiring and compelling stories of everyday people and celebrities who find their purpose in life.

I went with my friend Jill Rosenstein, (far left). Not only did Jill  and I stop by, but so did the Broadway star Tommy Tunes. Hoda and Tommy took a cute selfie.

hoda and tommy

The New Foodie Mecca

7 Jan

Yep, it’s Detroit. That’s according to this article in The Washington Post.  The Post touts Motown as the place for new restaurants and top chefs from across the country. But, Detroiters are already in the know.

Mark Guarino writes, “Detroit is in the midst of a culinary transformation.”

“Rock-bottom housing stock and an emerging generation of young restaurateurs and chefs settling in to experiment have brought new restaurants, breweries, tasting rooms, cocktail bars, pop-up events and quirky lunch spots promising nutritious food — in neighborhoods where the only option to eat had previously been fast food,” he adds.

Guarino lists many of the restaurants Motown Savvy has written about already like Chartreuse and Gold Cash Gold.


And in today’s New York Times Style Section, there is an article on Shinola.

Great press, great city.

Healthy New Year: Finding a Greener Space

3 Jan


So, let’s start this New Year off healthy. Joel Kahn, a Detroit cardiologist, opened up a Motown restaurant with his son Daniel. It’s GreenSpace Cafe  located in Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Not only do you get to experience great food, you have the stamp of approval from a heart doctor.

The menu features some delicious vegan options like the teriyaki mushrooms (above) which are glazed with house-made bourbon teriyaki and garnished with Asian slaw, bib lettuce and chives.

Of course, there’s a Michigan salad with dried cherries and home-made cashew herb chevre. The root salad is another healthy choice.  A crowd pleaser is the pad thai, gluten free with rice noodles that can also be served nut free.

The unique feature is the raw juice bar complete with hard liquor. The number one selling drink is the Greenhouse made with gin, Drought #3  (apple, kale, lemon, celery & ginger), elderflower, orange and Cava.  A healthy cosmopolitan!

What are your healthy tips for starting off the New Year?


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