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More Car Talk

29 Aug

A new radio program, “In the Driver’s Seat,” just launched on SiriusXM with host Doron Levin.  Levin is an award-winning journalist from Motown.

Here’s how the President of SiriusXM described the program. “If you love cars or are just thinking about what to buy, you’ll want to listen to Doron Levin,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. “Doron’s remarkable insight and experience as a journalist and commentator will deliver to SiriusXM listeners and car buyers revealing conversations with the car world’s top executives, as well as top drivers, designers, engineers, collectors and journalists.”

This will be a great program for car aficionados all over the world who want to know the latest trends and capture an inside look into the business.

This airs on SiriusXM Insight channel 121 and on SiriusXM On Demand.

I hope he interviews some of my favorite car aficionados — Jay Leno, Bob Lutz and the guy from Car Talk NPR Radio Show.




Fat-Free Ices for Charity

21 Aug




It’s a snow cone for charity –thanks to Mitch Albom, writer, columnist and philanthropist. He recently opened  this “cool” store Detroit Water Ice Factory, where all the profits go to charity. Mitch is modeling this after Paul Newman’s concept of donating all the profits back to charity.  Some of the colorful flavors include: Motown mint and the chips, Corvette cherry and Honolulu blue raspberry.


This is all part of Mitch Albom’s S.A. Y. Detroit’s Charities. I personally visited the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic helping Detroit’s neediest a few years ago.


All good things for Detroit. Thanks Mitch!


Photo credit: Eat Detroit, via Instagram

Fash Bash 2015

16 Aug


Fash Bash is a Motown happening. It’s a mix of  fall fashion trends and stylish people all for a great cause. Neiman Marcus partnered with the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Founders Council for the runway show. Mlive has all the spectacular photos here.


For all the fall trends, check out this blog for Neiman Marcus written by several contributors including Ken Downing.

Photos: Tanya Moutzalias, Mlive

Tax-Free Shopping

11 Aug




Yes, that’s correct, but it’s only in a some states.  And it’s usually tied to back-to-school shopping. There’s a complete list of states and what they offer on the website Passion for Savings. It’s clothing and school supplies.

Hey, Motown — Let’s get this in Detroit and Michigan!

So proud of my Motown friends who participated in NCJW’s Back 2 School Store providing 400 Detroit school children with the necessary tools for success.



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