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Better than Butter!

24 Jul

So you want to eat healthy? Former Motowner  and family friend Aidan Altman along with his partner Andrew McClure have created a product that’s vegan, healthy and a butter substitute. You know that gooey liquid found in a can of chickpeas? Well, they have combined it with coconut oil to make Faba Butter.

It was recently on the Today show as one of 15 new healthy snacks this summer.

The New York Times just featured Faba Butter in the article, “I can’t believe it’s chickpeas,” by Florence Fabricant. Read it here for more details as it’s even effective for sauteing and or just perfect with a baguette.




Bon Apetit in New York

10 Jun


There are many fantastic restaurants in New York. On a recent visit, I ate at La Grenouille in Midtown. It’s an authentic French restaurant in Midtown.The food and the atmosphere were superb. The decor is awash in pink with flowers galore. Just the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with fine food.

Toronto Reds

23 Apr




It’s not a sports team. It’s a casually chic restaurant in downtown Toronto. The Midtown Reds Tavern has exposed brick walls, wine bottle chandeliers and even a shuffle board. The unique atmosphere and delicious decor is worth visiting.







Plant Power

9 Mar

joel kahn m.d.imgres

“Food is medicine,” says Joel Kahn M.D. I recently heard this cardiologist at a lunch and learn for Beaumont Health System employees. The most potent medicine is not always found in the pharmacy, but in your refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy diet. His book, The Holistic Heart, offers many tips and secrets to treat and prevent heart disease.   His message was inspiring, informative and humorous at times. According to Dr. Kahn, “Don’t buy your food where you buy gas!”

Glazed & Infused in Chi Town

27 Dec

glazed 2

On my recent visit to the windy city, I stumbled upon a delicious doughnut shop — Glazed & Infused. They were scrumptious, and the flavors were divine. Red velvet, vanilla brulee and banana chocolate chip are just a few. The most popular is the the maple bacon long john. Do you prefer cupcakes or doughnuts? If it’s glazed,  go with the doughnuts.


Jazzy Food

6 Oct

Diptic (2)

I experienced Cliff Bell’s in downtown Detroit during restaurant week. The ambiance with flickering candles, mahogany tables and walls is reminiscent of a supper club in the 40s. The food was delicious. As we left, the band was entering. Cliff Bell’s is known for its smooth jazz music.  And nothing beats the Motown sound.

Below: Photography by Briana Snyder


Angels & Cakes

24 Jul


Meet the amazing Imerman Family.  Brothers Jon and Jeff are creative and inspiring. Jon (left) is the founder of Imerman Angels. A cancer support nonprofit that partners cancer patients with survivors. Jeff is a founder of  the Imerman Cake Company with his mom, Jane Imerman. When Jon was diagnosed with cancer, Jane began cooking all organically.

“We learned how our food choices and what we put in our bodies impact our health and well-being,” says Jane.   “In my home kitchen, we started developing recipes using only the purest natural and organic ingredients.”

Swingin’ in Houston

8 Jul


I visited Houston 4th of July weekend to check out wedding venues for my son and his Texan fiancee.

We stopped by the Swinging Door restaurant for some authentic Texan BBQ food. This rustic place is the perfect spot for the rehearsal dinner. The food is fantastic! They serve beef brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey and sausage.  The sides are beans, potato salad, cole slaw, dirty rice and green beans. For dessert, pecan pie, brownies and assorted fruit cobblers are yummy (shown). It’s the perfect family spot too. There’s a house rule: “If you start a jalapeno, you must finish it!”

Since y’all might not be in Houston soon, I recommend Slow’s BBQ in Motown!

Italian-Mexican Fare at El Barzon

16 Jun


Nestled on a residential street in Detroit, El Barzon serves authentic Italian and Mexican dishes.

In the summertime, there is outdoor seating with a lovely waterfall (shown). Indoors there is white tablecloth dining, but all guests are greeted with salsa and chips upon arrival.  Dining at El Barzon is a unique experience — it’s an urban setting with a cosmopolitan flair. The food is delicious, and the portions are large. You will not be disappointed!

Bravo Bella Piatti

9 Apr

bella piatti

Bella Piatti, located directly across the street from the Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham, serves lucious Italian fare. The salad (above) with oranges, red onions, arugula and goat cheese (not shown) was tasty, as well as the whitefish encrusted with potatoes and truffles over lentils. The ambiance is beautiful with murals, vintage-inspired  chandeliers and even a mesh curtain (top, left) in the center of the restaurant for a private group. It’s worth a visit!

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