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Heat Wave Rescue

4 Jul

I was in the parking lot last week and a man frantically asked me to stop. He wanted to use my cell phone because his toddler was locked in the car. The temperature was more than 90 outside, and he explained that he was using his mother’s car. He inadvertently locked his cell phone and keys inside. So, I gave him my cell phone. He called his wife. Of course, she did not pick up because she thought it was a robo call. We both decided it was time to call 9-1-1. He did, and the police and fire rescue came within 5 minutes.

Then with long instruments, the rescuers worked on both sides of the car. The toddler was not crying yet, but we were all upset because of the heat. Thank goodness there was a happy ending for this family.

It’s been so hot lately and this can happen to anyone. So, please be safe!

It’s interesting that some people thought I should not have gotten involved. They thought that it could have been a scam.

What would you have done?


Circle of Friends with John Walsh

30 Jan


Care House of Oakland County held their 19th annual Circle of Friends luncheon. Care House protects children from abuse and neglect through advocacy, education, intervention and treatment collaborating with the community. The keynote speaker was John Walsh (lower right), television personality, author, and criminal investigator. He specializes in helping recover missing children. He and his organization have recovered 60 missing children alive. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (top right) welcomed the crowd. Lila Lazarus,  award-winning television personality and spokesperson extraordinaire, was the emcee. Lila (far left) is with Adrienne Lenhoff of Shazaaam Public Relations. The best part of the event is the mission of Care House — helping children.

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