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Sporty Streetwear Looks

12 Dec

If you are looking for a great holiday gift with a sports theme, try a local, Motown small business The 2nd String. Engineer Nick Bradley (right) started the business combining his love of sports and design. Although he is still an engineer with a day job, his passion for sports is in his collections.

“I have always loved the graphics produced in the 90s and couldn’t figure out why sportswear moved away from that, especially when in the streetwear space people are super creative and artistic in those designs,” says Bradley. He felt team logo apparel was boring and lazy, so he created The 2nd string in 2019.

There are several collections including, college teams (Spartans and Wolverines), streetwear and the 2nd string designs. As I write this blog, the Detroit Lions are on a winning streak, so I feel compelled to include this design.

As we say in Motown, depending on your team of choice — Go Blue, Go Green or Go Lions!


Game Changer on Detroit Playgrounds

30 Mar

game changer

Playworks Detroit improves the health and wellness of children by increasing opportunities for safe, physical activity and meaningful play. Since 2010, Playworks has been changing the lives of youngsters through partnerships with low income schools and community initiatives.  Now in 13 schools throughout Metro Detroit, Playworks is expanding due to a new partnership with the Detroit Lions. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Playworks Get in the Game Luncheon. The Game Changer Awards were given to these community partners: Beaumont Health System , Fair Food Network, Just Speak, Detroit Regional Chamber and Bloomfield Hills School District PTO. David McGhee, a motivational speaker and an instructor at Mott Community College, addressed the crowd with a powerful message of believing in students.

To quote Playworks Founder Jill Vialet, “Kids who know how to resolve conflict on the school yard are more likely to grow up into adults who can collaborate to get things done.”

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