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A Toy Story in Motown

13 Dec


Motown has some unique toy stores.The pop-up store Spielhaus in Detroit is a great example.  Dad Kurt Spiels, a former engineer and high school science teacher,  knows which toys teach. From imported toys to homegrown finds, there is something for all ages. Spielhaus is part of Hatch Detroit. The store is currently located at 1249 Woodward, but Spiels is looking for a permanent home.

Huffington Post Detroit has a fabulous write-up of Motown toy stores including one of my favorites — Toyology in West Bloomfield.



Motor City Missionary

14 Apr


Motor City Missionary is the title of today’s lead story in the business section of the New York Times. It’s about Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans. Gilbert is investing his money and his spirit in the our city. He is buying up property and encouraging businesses to move downtown. He just purchased the Greektown Casino-Hotel. Today’s Huffington Post, Detroit also references this story.

Sure, the story mentions Detroit’s woes — our emergency city manager, Kwame, blight, etc., but the gist is a story about Gilbert and his vision.

Last month I visited Washington, D.C., and to my dismay there were two photography exhibits about Detroit featuring decaying buildings. Although the photography, by Camilio Jose Vergara and Andrew Moore, was technically superb, the exhibits were pessimistic.

Thanks to people like Dan Gilbert, our city is moving forward, and soon there will be positive photography exhibits about Detroit.

Photo credit: Fabrizo Constantini for the New York Times

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