The windy city is in full bloom this month and forever thanks to artist Louise “Ouizi” Jones, who resides in Detroit. And thanks to the collaboration between the Special Service Area (SSA) 27 and Southport Neighbors Association.

The mural was dedicated on Mother’s Day 2019. Erin Schwartz, SSA #27 Commissioner and Chair of the Lakeview Public Art Committee, explained the significance of Ouizi’s mural “Urbs in Horto,” latin for City in a Garden. “The title of the mural comes from the city motto from 1837,” said Schwartz. She explained that SSA 27 and Friends of Lakeview formed a joint subcommittee to source and fund public art to enhance the neighborhood for both residents and businesses and increase pedestrian movement to the northern end of Southport. The mural is part of an effort to display several new public works of art across the West Lakeview neighborhood.

The 2,000 square-foot mural is displayed of the side of the Southport and Addison CVS, just a short walk from Wrigley Field. CVS also sponsored the mural. As part of the mural dedication, flowers were handed out to mothers who walked by.

The colorful chrysanthemums (the flower of Chicago), roses and echinacea are blooming in Lakeview.