Pretty in Pink at Met Gala

8 May

The fashions at the Met Gala are always show stopping. Pink seems to be a favorite choice for come of the celebrities. Lady Gaga’s outfit (top left) or costume was extravagant, keeping with her persona. Kacey Musgraves came as a Barbie doll, as the theme was “camp.” But the pink elegant gown award, in my opinion goes to Hailey Baldwin (below). What do you think?

For a complete slide of fashions see click on this Vogue link.

Fashion photo credit: Getty Images

Tablescape: Corey Tenold

Cover Up: Melanoma Monday

1 May

Did you know that too much sun exposure (even tanning beds) can cause skin cancer? So the most important way to prevent skin cancer is to limit your sun exposure. Here’s a catchy, effective phrase created by the Cancer Council’s SunSmart program in Australia –Slip, Slop, Slap. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. There is even a cute video, here.

You can also remember the ABC’s of Melanoma— asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolution referring to moles on your skin.

May is skin cancer awareness month. The American Academy of Dermatology has important information as well as the American Cancer Society. 

Monday May 6 is Melanoma Monday — a day where many places offer free skin cancer screenings. You can call the American Cancer Society number at 1-800-227-2345 to find out if there any screenings in your area. The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital will be offering free skin cancer screenings at two locations. Here’s the information.

The Friday before Memorial Day is designated as Don’t Fry Day — a day to raise awareness of sun safety and encourage steps to protect the skin.

One tip that I can offer is to wear sun protective clothing (SPF). Many companies, like Coolibar, manufacture clothing for the entire family. I’m pictured here in a Coolibar top and hat. I reached out to Coolibar and let them know that I wear their clothing already, and I would do a feature on my blog, in conjunction with Melanoma Monday. They sent me this top and hat. (Full disclosure: I did not pay for the items.) I already have several other tops in my closet as I do water aerobics daily. Notice the wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.

Don’t forget the sunscreen this month and every month!


Poosh Versus Goop

17 Apr

Poosh and Goop sound like baby talk, but it’s the lifestyle blogs of two celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian just launched Poosh. and Gwyneth Paltrow is the brainchild behind Goop. They both are online magazines espousing health, wellness and living the best life.

Poosh began a few weeks ago, and there is some interesting content like non-toxic sheets and organizing your pantry. I like the mission statement of educate, motivate, create and curate. The photos of Kourtney always seem to have sexy vibe. (I guess that’s typical Kardashian style.)

Goop is the the established brand with followers known as “goopies.” CNN reports that the Goop is valued at $250 million. They delve into the website here, which is not all positive.  Again, I liked the content with stories explaining glycolic acid, interesting skin products and the ultimate white T-shirt. Gwyneth is working it with cookbooks, podcasts and more.

So, who is the next celebrity to launch an online magazine?





Photo credits: Instagram (left); etonline (right)

Not My Fault

10 Apr

How many times have you said, “It’s not my fault!” For me, it’s too many to count, but Cathy Guisewite, the creator of the comic strip “Cathy,” counts out 50 through 50 heart-warming essays.

Her book, 50 Things that Aren’t my Fault (G.P. Putnman’s Sons), was just released on April 2. It’s as if you are speaking with your friends –maybe confiding is a better word.

Who hasn’t dreaded going shopping for bathing suits? Or failed at a diet?  Cathy Guisewite tackles the subjects of aging parents, food, exercise, make-up, growing older, stress, parenting, mother/daughter relationships and so much more.

Her essays are laugh-out loud and filled with warmth and wit.  She describes herself not as the sandwich generation but the “panini” generation.  It’s hilarious how she tries to cheat on her Fitbit fitness tracker and poignant how she flunked retirement.

Here’s a snippet tucked between some essays:

Top Five Reasons I Didn’t Exercise Today

  1.  I don’t want to admit how easy it would have been to start ten years ago.
  2.  I feel too fat.
  3.  It’s too confusing to pick my activity.
  4.  I can’t find a hair tie.
  5.  I exercised yesterday and I don’t look any different.

I’ve heard Cathy Guisewite speak in Michigan years ago about her comic strip. She was absolutely delightful. She will be on book tour and hopefully your city will be listed. Check it out at

50 Things that Aren’t my Fault  just could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year.



Lilies Blooming

1 Apr

Lilly Pulitzer is a fashion icon. If you are thinking spring at the moment, there is nothing more refreshing or summery than a Lilly Pulitzer hue. Awash with florals, hot pinks and crispy limes, the prints are delectable. So, I was delighted to stumble upon a large Lilly Pulitzer store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. (The photos above are from the store, including the mood board.)

The Lilly Pulitzer brand began in the 1960s but it was Jackie Kennedy who catapulted the prints to stardom. The shift dress is probably her most recognizable design.

It’s a preppy, fun look. I went to a charity benefit in the Palm Beach area, and the dress code was Lilly Pulitzer.

There is a lovely article on how her brand became iconic in the archives of Boca Life Magazine. You can read it here.

Are you a Lily fan?


Hey Friends: Brand Makeup for Less

5 Mar

Friends who love friends share makeup. Just ask founders and friends Vivian Wang (right) and Jackie Xu of the internet site

It’s a buy more, save more concept. The more items you choose, the more you save. The best part is you can purchase the makeup & skincare with a friend and both save, because the items you tally up together count for the discount. (Buy 2–5% off, Buy 4–15% off, Buy 8–30% off) offers all brand names. They purchase close-outs and department store excess. But the brands are all authentic like Urban Decay, Nars, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Clinique, Lancome and more.

Wang and Xu are two savvy entrepreneurs. Wang was a former senior strategist at Gap, while Xu was an engineer at Stripe.

It’s a start-up that began four months ago, and right now it’s in the soft launch phase. But it’s destined to do well, with some powerful Silicon Valley financial backing and a site founded by and run by women.

Motownsavvy hopes to partner and review products.

What woman doesn’t want makeup at a discount price? Get 20% off your first purchase at with code “MOTOWN” here:

Book Launch: The Secret of Clouds

26 Feb

Last week I met the author Alyson Richman on the day her novel, The Secret of Clouds, was launched. She spoke at the JCC in Palm Beach Gardens and is currently on a book tour.

Since no one read the book, she spoke about her background and how she gathers her ideas. The Secret of Clouds is about a the special bond that can develop between and a teacher and a student. At the book talk, Richman related the story of how one third grade teacher has each student write a letter to their eighteen-year-old self and mails it upon graduation. You can hear this inspirational story  here.

Richman also related some facts about her book The Lost Wife, which will made into a movie. Richman overheard the story while at the hairdressers about star-crossed lovers who marry during World War II. They become separated during the Nazi invasion, and they believed their partner was dead.  They see each other again, decades later, at their grandchildren’s wedding. That true, powerful story became the basis of her novel.

I also learned that Richman’s father is an electrical engineer and her mother is an artist. From what I see by glancing through the book, she has the precision of her father and the gift of painting with words– not on a canvas but in a book.

I can’t wait to read The Secret of Clouds and The Lost Wife.


Take a Tour

4 Feb


Forget the pink and green chintz that conjure visions of Palm Beach. Think elegant, European vintage and classy. That sums up the new retail atelier the Grand Tour located in the Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach. I went to the grand opening the other day and was wowed by the custom fabrics and wallpapers, unique gifts and furniture. There’s even a spot for some children’s games and books.

The mother daughter duo of interior designer Caroline Rafferty (top left) and her mom, Julie Fisher Cummings, curated an elegant mix of home furnishings. Before the opening, they stopped in Paris to add to the mix.

Architectural Digest recently wrote up the store and the photographs here are far more professional than mine.

Take the tour!

8 Quick Makeup Steps

30 Jan

I recently attended an event at Saks Fifth Avenue hosted by Trish McEvoy makeup artists. The title was “Makeup of a Confident Woman.” Makeup artist Nick Capezza chose someone from the audience to participate. (Her name was Carla!)

Here’s a photo of Carla (above). It literally took him less than 10 minutes to apply this effortless, natural look. Of course, there are 8 easy steps — 5 steps for skincare, 8 steps for makeup application. Hmm. I guess that adds up to 13. But, 8 steps are makeup!

Nick has outlined them below. Of course, all the products are by Trish. But, of course, you can go to your makeup bag or bags and use what you have.

The power of skincare steps:
1)cleanse: am and pm with Cleansing Water or Gentle Cleansing Wash
2)exfoliate: Beta Hydroxy Daily Exfoliator Pads, or the Correct and Brighten Professional Strength  Multi-Acid Weekly Peel
3)treat: Beauty Booster Face and Beauty Booster Eye Serums
4)protect: Beauty Booster Cream SPF 30
5)correct: Beauty Booster Advanced Retinol Eye Cream, and (pm)Even Skin Vitamin C Cream


The 8 step makeup lesson:
1)Brighten the eyelid: using Trish’s Eye Base Essential
2)Define the lash line: using Trish’s Intense Gel Eyeliner,  using the tight-line technique and apply your eyeshadows
3)Enhance your lashes: with Trish’s Tubular High Volume, or Lash Curling Mascaras
4)Brighten Under Your Eyes: with Trish’s Triangle of Light Technique using Instant Eye Lift.
5)Even the skin: Use your favorite Trish foundation and concealer to perfect and even the skin with your favorite foundation brush. Set with translucent set powder.
6)Face Color: apply Bronzer, Highlight and Blush. Blend with a whisper of translucent set powder.
7)Enhance Your Brow: define your brow with Trish’s brow enhancers.
8)Enhance your lips: Apply Flawless Lip Primer and press into the lip line. Follow with  your lip liner, color and gloss.


Some extra makeup tips:
With the eye liner, taper and blender like windshield wiper
The fan brush works wonders for blending.
Eyebrow maintenance is a must.


Are we ready to look beautiful?


Remembrance of Stores Past

17 Jan

One of my favorite scenes in the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon is the recreation (above) of the department store B. Altman in New York. The stellar production team transformed an old bank into the bustling department store of the 1950s.

It reminded me of visiting the J. L. Hudson department store in Detroit as a child — complete with beautiful chandeliers, ornate drinking fountains, an elevator operator and a beautiful dining room.

So, it was nostalgic to read this piece in the New York Times, “New York’s Lost Department Store,” by Vanessa Friedman. Henri Bendel and Lord & Taylor are closing their Manhattan flagship stores.

What stores do you miss? Anyone remember Bonwit Teller?

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