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Superhero Alert! It’s a Dad with MS

22 Feb

Max Melamed, age 13, wrote and illustrated the book Who is El Pitlum Rossicles? He wrote the book as part of his Bar Mitzvah project. (When Jewish children are 13, they often choose or are required to complete a social action project to make the world a better place.)  The story of “grit and perservance” is about a superhero who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The superhero is actually the father in the story, who is underestimated by the family because of his disease. He helped everyone in the town, and no one suspected him because of his condition.

It’s a personal story for Max because his father does have MS. Another reason Max wrote the book was to inspire others who might have a family member with this disease. Profits from the book go to help find a cure for MS. Max will personally send a copy of his book to anyone who donates $18 or more to the National MS Society.  For more information about Max’s book click here.

As Max states, “If your mom or dad has MS, don’t stress because they can be heroes and you can help too!”

The title of the book is an anagram. What do you think it spells?



Going Batty

30 Oct


The Motown husband and wife team of Eva Meade and Rob Mies want us to know that bats are amazing creatures. They have co-authored the colorful, children’s book, BATS A to Z. “Our mission is to help children feel comfortable with bats and appreciate the role of bats in our ecosystem,” says co-author Mies.

Mies is the director of the non profit Organization for Bat Conservation and is one of the country’s leading researchers and experts on bats. This non-profit partners with the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.


According to co-author Meade, who designed the children’s alphabet book, “Many bats are in danger today because of forest destruction, pesticide use, and climate change.”

The book is delightful, educational and dispels all the scary myths of bats.

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