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Detroit’s Architectural Legacy

4 Apr

We, Motowners, recognize the beauty of Detroit’s architecture. Now, others are finally acknowledging. The New York Times article, “Detroit’s Looking Up” by John Dorman, highlights the grand buildings from the Fisher Building to the First National Bank Building. The article delves into the famed architect Albert Kahn. Be sure to check out the NY Times story here.

But, there is so much more. Frank Lloyd Wright, Yamaski and Saarinen have a large footprint in the city.

As a former magazine editor in Detroit, I had the opportunity to work with the late Balthazar Korab. His architectural photography is outstanding. Here is his photo of the fountains at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Michigan Modern, by Brian Conway and James Haefner is a new book eleased last month and features a Frank Lloyd home located in Detroit. On the cover is the General Motors Tech Center designed by Eero Saarinen.




ArtPrize Friends

28 Sep


Every fall the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan transforms into an art paradise for artists and art lovers. It’s all because of ArtPrize — an open competition for artists to submit their work and have the opportunity to win more than $500,000 worth of prizes. Artists’ works are displayed throughout the city, and the venues are open to the public for free.  The artists connect through the official ArtPrize website.

Here is the mission statement: “ArtPrize is an international art competition and festival open to all and determined equally by public vote and expert jury. ArtPrize encourages critical discourse, celebrates artists, transforms urban space and promotes cultural understanding.”

This is the eighth year, and I’m proud to announce that two of my friends are part of the 2016 ArtPrize competition.

Janet Kelman’s glass sculptures are spectacular and the piece “Oracle” (above) is no exception. The aqua hues are breath taking.

Photographer Gene Meadows does not disappoint with his edgy work “de-con-struct,” which is below. Although I also like his traditional photos of home interiors along with his beautiful series of Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press included Janet and Gene in an article highlighting metro Detroit artists at ArtPrize.




Going Batty

30 Oct


The Motown husband and wife team of Eva Meade and Rob Mies want us to know that bats are amazing creatures. They have co-authored the colorful, children’s book, BATS A to Z. “Our mission is to help children feel comfortable with bats and appreciate the role of bats in our ecosystem,” says co-author Mies.

Mies is the director of the non profit Organization for Bat Conservation and is one of the country’s leading researchers and experts on bats. This non-profit partners with the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.


According to co-author Meade, who designed the children’s alphabet book, “Many bats are in danger today because of forest destruction, pesticide use, and climate change.”

The book is delightful, educational and dispels all the scary myths of bats.

Dynamic Detroit Decor

5 Apr

Detroit home


The spring 2013 issue of Detroit Home magazine features this year’s design awards.

It’s a treasure trove of information. The categories are expansive — from custom cabinets to railings to the use of antiques. You will find exteriors, interiors and even organized garages. In addition to showcasing the most talented people in the city, I particularly enjoyed reading about a new designer. Detroit Home honored Anne Strickland (above) with the “Rising Star” award. This creative 28-year-old is a  Cranbrook and Michigan State grad and the owner of Port Manufacturing & Design. She designs furniture as well as interiors. Not only are her designs divine, but she has a personal flair exuded in her blog — http://www.portmfg.com/category/blog/


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