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Reverse Hometown Visits

12 Jan


There’s something special when your hometown visits you in another state. Many universities visit alumni that moved away, and even hospitals host programs for patients with second homes.

Well, Detroit is coming to the Sunshine State with a fun-filled historical program at Indian Spring Country Club in Boynton Beach, 2 p.m., February 25.

The Jewish Historical Society will share a presentation, “From Hastings to Home,” with interesting historical facts. Refreshments will be served, and expect some Motown treats like Faygo pop (yep, we call it pop not soda!), Vernor’s, Better Made Potato Chips and of course, Sander’s. (I hope they bring the hot fudge!)

Register here.

Is your hometown visiting you?



Detroiters Love Coney Island Hot Dogs

9 Jan

coney island

Faygo pop and Sanders hot fudge are pure Detroit, but the hot dogs in Motown sure are special.  Pile on the chili, mustard and onions and you have a Detroit Coney Island hot dog. Now in Canton, American Coney Island will open a new restaurant with a drive-thru — perfect for a quick fix. On January 12th at 44532 Michigan Avenue in Canton, customers can drive up for a Coney. As part of the opening celebration, the first 50 customers will receive a FREE hot dog, beginning at 9 a.m. Other specials  will continue throughout the day.


American Coney Island is a third-generation Motown family business, founded by Gust Keros in 1917. His son Charles and Charles’ daughter, Grace, are in the business.  American Coney Island won the best Coney Dog in Detroit on “Food Feuds” on the Food Network and Travel Channel’s “Food Wars.”

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